The Lost Battle

She was fighting the lost battle! Mink brown tears shimmered in her eyes Standing somewhere in between A broken bridge An abiku was wandering Behind her happiness She sneered She mastered the art of Faking a smile at the world Translucent skin Showed blue veins She would play a Song and replay it for a whole [...]


The Girl In The Pink

Have you ever seen Kids playing in a lavish green park? Crimson carnations swaying And swings singing ; "The street dogs eagerly waiting for kids to arrive" The sweet little girl in pink is their favourite child! "She flips a disc away And they lilt; Not to get a delicacy But because they adore The [...]

Some Will

“Some will just drift From one to another Some will stay But Like flowing water” Some will appreciate The outer beauty you behold; “Some will walk with you But by grasping others Hand in hand" Some will hold your hand For mere showoff “Some will look straight into your eyes But just to empower Their [...]

The Pitfalls !

"Take a deep breath So deep that it touches your soul" Before you go on an alluring irresistible ride Ask your soul – take permission The rumbling soul will spin upside down later on; "While you take a deeper breath To gather the strength" The discomfort of losing breath In despair or in delight? Will [...]

I’ll Make Sure

I’ll make sure that you grope for me across dark nights My pleading voice and my innocent eyes will keep whacking You and the doors of your dead black heart time and again!   Although, I have untangled all the bolted emotional connections   But the sweet memories of you –are now turning out vinegary   [...]

Will She Change ?

So will she change? If she meets heartless creatures If she wishes to treat them right They – are countless For them she is meaningless For her – they are the responsibility She tries she tries and she will try She is at peace – saving the other I wonder will she be the same That happy [...]