Heartache – A Learning Experience

“The heart was made to be broken.” ― Oscar Wilde Well! Well, we all have a heart If it's beating, we are alive and if it stops beating we are dead- a fact! But, just think if it gets broken? Probably we are dead- alive. Thousands of sleepless nights, a plethora of restless plights, plenty [...]

Dark Days Turning Brighter

Sometimes, oh no many a times when you are in your mid-twenties things fall apart. Alright, you are nodding - with a yes! Sometimes you are not landing up to your dream job, the sign of diminishing opportunities. The heartwrenching reality of life - sometimes after spending a decade, you see the real colours of [...]

The Lost Battle

She was fighting the lost battle! Mink brown tears shimmered in her eyes Standing somewhere in between A broken bridge An abiku was wandering Behind her happiness She sneered She mastered the art of Faking a smile at the world Translucent skin Showed blue veins She would play a Song and replay it for a whole [...]

What to compromise ?

Compromise is a stigma created by us - a win/loss situation for one calling for a miserable life our self whilst other enjoys domination. Either you are at loss or the person who is going to compromise.  In such situations, neither side gets all of what they really want, but they each make concessions in [...]

Some Will

“Some will just drift From one to another Some will stay But Like flowing water” Some will appreciate The outer beauty you behold; “Some will walk with you But by grasping others Hand in hand" Some will hold your hand For mere showoff “Some will look straight into your eyes But just to empower Their [...]